Conscious Fashion




We strive to have a healthy future for the Earth and aware that everybody has responsibility to protect our ecosystem and Sustainability for nature. With this awareness, we do our part and use ECO-FRIENDLY ORGANIC materials in our organic products collection. We use ECO-SENSITIVE components, RECYCLED and PURE materials produced with sustainable methods. We select the components of our raw materials from sustainable fibres, and we use natural and organic materials. We pursue conscious consumption behaviours to protect our future. We’ve made sure that all our products comply with standards that we know our customers expect and that we run an ethical and fair trade. We ask for the same standards from our external stakeholders:

  • HEALTH&SAFETY procedures to promote safe working environment.
  • Compliance to ENVIRONMENTAL regulations.
  • NO CHILD LABOUR with legal minimum age of employment adhered to.
  • LEGAL minimum wage, including any overtime pay, maximum hours of work, holiday entitlement and maternity/paternity leave is adhered to.
  • NO forced, involuntary, trafficked labour or imprisonment.
  • Employees are NOT discriminated against and work in a respectful and secure environment, without harassment or abuse.
  • Full compliance with the law and the workplace regulations.