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The Full Story of Murr Design


As Murr design, we set out with the principle of offering comfort and naturalness to sports lovers with original and plain designs. We aim to provide you with the best sports experience by offering professional sports products to our valued sports lover customers.

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As Murr Design, we aim to offer sports fans a lifestyle, not just clothes. We aim to support you in the best way possible by combining our design, comfort, functionality and elegance, not just for a moment, but every moment. Every stitch, every detail is carefully selected to create a stronger bond with you.

We don't just produce sportswear, we are also a family with whom we make memories. Let's discover the best way to do sports and enjoy life together with Murr Design!

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Since 1990, Murr Design has been producing quality and aesthetics together in the world of sportswear with passion and dedication. We are not only a brand, but also a team that embraces sports as a lifestyle and believes in the power of sportswear, and we value experimentation just as much.

Since our inception, we have been managing the design and production processes with our own means. In each of our products, we combine our deep technical knowledge with our artistic touch. For us, every detail is important because your comfort is our assurance.

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