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Since 1990, Erman Textile has been providing comprehensive end-to-end seamless sourcing services for foreign customers looking to manufacture in Turkey. With a vast production network and extensive market expertise, we serve as your dependable partner for upscale manufacturing solutions and offer 24/7 support to meet your demands. Below is a brief overview of our services and capabilities.


Research and Development 

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Printing and Embroidery Making 

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We offer a comprehensive range of customized printing and embroidery services, including but not limited to rubber raised prints, 3D prints, sublimation prints, digital prints, laser embroideries, glitter prints, and more. With our extensive network of print houses, we can bring any design to life with precision and quality.

Paketin kapatılması


Packing and Labeling 

Erman Textile provides tailored packing and labeling solutions for clients seeking customized branding for their labels and special packaging requirements.



Sample Making and Pricing

Once all custom details regarding fabric, pattern, accessories, printing/embroidery, packing, and labeling are finalized with the customer, we proceed to develop counter samples for the required style(s). Subsequently, we provide pricing for the customized product(s), which is subject to confirmation by the customer. This includes considerations for fabric quality, sewing and production standards, and any other necessary details to ensure customer satisfaction.


Order Confirmation (Setting Incoterms and Payment Conditions) and Production Planning

Upon confirmation of the price and order quantity by the customer, we initiate the planning of the production process. We aim to provide the earliest lead time possible, typically within a maximum range of 4-6 weeks. This ensures efficient production scheduling and timely delivery of the customized products to meet our customers' requirements.

Socks Production Process

Our socks production facility is equipped with the following machinery:

  • 241 automatic socks machines with hand linking capability, featuring various needle counts ranging from 36 needles to 400 needles. This includes 55 machines with 200 needles and 50 machines with 156 needles.

  • 4 tagatory machines

  • 4 detexomat machines

  • 1 fix steam machine

With this machinery setup, we have a production capacity of 300,000 pairs of socks per month. This enables us to efficiently produce high-quality socks in large quantities to meet the demands of our customers.

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Apparel Production Process

At our in-house production premises, we utilize the following equipment for cutting, manufacturing, and trimming processes:

  • 1 digital automatic cutting machine with a capacity of 30,000 pieces daily

  • 20 overlock machines

  • 20 single stitching (SINGER) machines

  • 2 eyelet machines

  • 2 button snap machines

  • 20 steam ironing stations

With this equipment, we have a production capacity of 90,000 pieces monthly. This enables us to efficiently handle large-scale production orders while maintaining quality and meeting deadlines.

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Final Inspection and Quality Controlling

Our quality control process follows AQL standards and includes thorough inspections at each stage of production, from incoming materials to final product inspection. We adhere to statistically significant sampling methods, classify defects based on severity, and ensure prompt reporting for corrective action. This comprehensive approach guarantees that our products consistently meet high-quality standards and exceed customer expectations.


Transport Logistics and Export Documentation

After production and packing, we prepare goods for transport as per customer preferences, either in pallets or carton boxes. Export documents are meticulously prepared, tailored to meet the specific customs requirements of each country to facilitate import duty exemption. We offer the following shipment options:

  1. Speed Courier: Ideal for small orders with a delivery time of 1-2 days, ensuring swift transportation.

  2. Truck Shipment: Our most commonly used transport option to Europe, with a delivery time of approximately 1 week, offering a reliable and efficient delivery method.

  3. Air Shipment: Suitable for urgent orders, with a delivery time ranging from 1-3 days, ensuring prompt delivery of goods.

  4. Seaway Shipment: Cost-effective for large order quantities, with a longer delivery time of 30-45 days, providing an economical option for bulk shipments.

These varied shipment options allow us to cater to different customer needs and ensure timely and efficient delivery of goods to their destinations.

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"Quality threads weave the fabric of trust; in the world of textiles, integrity is the thread that never frays."
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