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A Strategic Hub for Fashion and Sock Manufacturing in Europe: Turkey

Turkey plays a significant role in the manufacturing and supply of apparel and socks for Europe, thanks to its strategic location, which provides an advantage in transportation costs and short transit times.

In today's world, where stock and warehouse costs are on the rise, retailers and wholesalers aim to avoid such expenses to reduce overhead costs and offer products at competitive prices. Therefore, the appeal of Turkey has never been stronger, given its small and flexible minimum order quantities (MOQ), sustainable production aspects, fast delivery, and the advantage of 0% import duty.

Turkey's robust position in the textile sector assists retailers and wholesalers in lowering their primary costs and gaining a competitive edge. From small businesses to major brands, Turkey's flexible production model and sustainable approach establish it as a significant player in the fashion industry. Turkey stands out as a destination that swiftly adapts to the rapidly changing fashion landscape, responding to customer demands with speed and efficiency.

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