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Ultimate Guide to Find Clothing Manufacturer for Startups

If you are looking for a startup guide to apparel production, here are the key points to consider when selecting clothing manufacturers for startups:

  1. Finding the Right Country for the Right Product

  2. Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) Possibility

  3. Company Scale

  4. Specialization (Woven or Knitted Apparel Manufacturer)

  5. Agility

  6. Responsiveness

  7. Quality Mentality for Small Order Manufacturing

  8. Availability of Stock Services

  9. Customization Possibilities

While finding the best clothing manufacturer for startups may seem easy at first, there are certain considerations and potential challenges you may encounter as you begin.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Manufacturer

  1. Company Scale: If the manufacturing company's scale is too large, they might not be satisfied with the smaller volumes typically required by startups. Initially, such companies might offer very attractive low production prices, but they may increase these prices over time if the volume remains low.

  2. Long-Term Cooperation: Ensure that the clothing manufacturers you consider are willing to cooperate with you in the long term. This ensures reasonable pricing, good quality merchandise, and a sustainable business relationship.

  3. Mutual Growth: For a startup clothing guide, it is crucial to understand the importance of growing together with your supplier. This creates a win-win situation in the long term, helping both parties reach their goals.

  4. Selecting the Right Country: Once you have selected the right country for your product (e.g., for cotton T-shirts, Turkey is ideal due to its own cotton fields and yarn producers), you should consult a guide to clothing manufacturers association. This will help you obtain the correct scale of clothing manufacturers for new brands and startups.

By considering these points, you can make informed decisions and build strong, lasting relationships with your clothing manufacturers.

Turkey is the best country for sourcing fashion startups because of several advantages:

  • Fast transport times due to its location next to Europe

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Well-trained production staff

  • Low MOQ possibilities

  • High-quality manufacturing

Erman Textile Ltd., based in Turkey, is one of the best clothing manufacturers for startups. With over 35 years of know-how, reliability, and long-standing expertise in the market, Erman Textile is a top choice for new fashion brands.

Erman Textile serves many fashion startups in Turkey, Europe, and the United States. Among the many clothing factories in Turkey, Erman Textile stands out due to its experience in the market since 1990. With an extensive network of fabric production, accessory development, and a strong quality mentality, our team understands the importance of high-quality clothing production for startups in Turkey.

Additionally, Erman Textile supports fashion startups in Turkey in every way possible, ensuring they succeed in this competitive industry.

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