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Erman Textile Ltd. is a global custom private label apparel manufacturer in Turkey since 1990 with its know-how and deep expertise, boasting more than 30 years of experience in the market. As a Turkish casual and sportswear manufacturer, we provide solutions for customers for private label apparel making as well as for wholesale clothing brands, offering:

  • Sourcing

  • Design

  • Competitive pricing

  • Low MOQ

  • Punctual fast delivery

for those who want to take advantage of production in Turkey.

Through our extensive sources in different areas of Turkey, we provide sustainable production solutions as a sustainable private label manufacturer in respect of sustainable fabric production, garment manufacturing, and accessory labeling customization for every private label.

Our Services Which Specialize for Private Labels: 

  • Pattern making according to private label measurements and fit.

  • Accessory production, such as zippers, pullers, buttons, prints, brand labels, size labels, washing and care labels, for private labels with all private label branding and logos.

  • All packaging—either with polybags or special carton boxes—is produced with private label logos and requests for our private label customers.

  • Logistics consolidation and marking are made according to the special instructions of private label customers, to be delivered to either their own warehouse or to the fulfillment center designated by the customer.

Advantages of LOW MOQ Production Possibility

The LOW MOQ production advantage makes it possible for startup companies to make small collection productions with reasonable budget investments or for big brands to test a product for selling in small quantities to see if the products will be hot sellers or not.

As a global custom private label apparel manufacturer, we can provide solutions for private labels for wholesale clothing and private label apparel with needed small MOQs using our extensive sources in the market, allowing our customers to make sustainable small MOQ productions with style diversity and versatility to offer in a vast range.

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